For the last ten plus years I have had mold sensitivities. A typical mold encounter would often result in a trip to the ER, a week of a prescription drug and then a rescue inhaler for several months. Mold literally takes my breath away.
My symptoms ranged from an inability to get enough air to a full unconscious pass out.
The week before starting on the x39 stem cell patches I was overusing the inhaler and my breathing was just getting more and more difficult. I could not climb even one flight of stairs and halfway through making dinner I would have to sit for a while and gasp for breath.
It was at that point that my first stem cell patches arrived.
From day one of the x39 my need for the inhaler started to decrease and by the seventh day I did not need it at all !
It has now been three months and I am breathing better and deeper than I have in years.
So, maybe you could pass this off as a coincidence, I would have gotten better anyway, the timing was just a lucky fluke.
But there is more to this story.
I love Dahlias ! It has been a life long thing, my grandparents raised them and I have hugely happy memories surrounding summers at the Dahlia Farm. For the last several springs Don has had to get the Dahlia tubers going because of my inability to be in close contact with them as they come out of storage. They can have quite a moldy scent if they werent completely dried in the fall. This year they were particularly aromatic yet I was able to pot up all 300 myself !
No breathing problems !
I am amazed !
Now you may be wondering, where did I think I was going to get the energy to finish planting and then care for those flowers ?
I had been wondering that recently as well. Until I started on the x39 stem cell patch I wondered how many years more would I have the inner and outer fortitude to keep tending to these plants ? I felt like I had just gotten around to doing something I really liked and wanted , and now here I am wondering how much longer will I get to do it.
Pretty bleak outlook. I was not liking the common reality of getting old.
When I first heard of the x39, I was excited and ever so curious but also a bit tempered.
I already believed that frequency plays a super large role in our lives and that living as close to nature and natural is extremely important. The x39 patch was in keeping with those beliefs but trying this still required having to step a little outside my comfort zone.
Dare I believe a patch could activate my own stem cells ?
I knew the possibilities that could happen if I had more stem cells like when I was younger. I got so excited about the possibilities and I knew I would not be pleased with myself if I didnt give this technology a try. i had to trust the little voice inside that said Yes!
I am so glad I did !!!
There are so many wonderful benefits to this patch that just have to be experienced to be believed and even then you may find yourself pausing for a moment to wonder if this new life reality you are enjoying is real !
The answer is Yes.